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An Introduction to Our Income Strategy

Are you looking for income? We may have just the solution for you! Introducing the Demos Income Strategy, our newest investment strategy focused on recurrent income generation.

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What kind of investment returns can we expect on fixed income and stocks as of December 2021?

To be realistic, we should expect over the next few years an annual return of around 1% from fixed income securities and an average annual return of between 4% and 5% from equities with a probable marked drop in their value in the short or medium term.

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What is financial planning?

Financial planning is used to answer the question “Am I well aligned for my short and long term goals?”. It reduces stress while serving as a guide for portfolio management.

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Our Mission

  • Reduce anxiety

    By providing you with a financial plan allowing us to draw a clear and precise portrait of your current and future financial situation.

  • Reduce costly financial mistakes

    By sharing our knowledge of financial decision making and providing income and expense advice.

  • Maximizing long-term financial value

    By managing your portfolio and taking your individual circumstances into account which will help optimize your returns.

Who are we?

Learn more about the Demos team

Providing a synergy of integrity, discipline and a willingness to listen to each client, Marc-André Turcot and his team are dedicated to assisting you in meeting any of your financial needs.

Our wealth management team provides personalized care catering to affluent families and to younger investors with a strong capacity and will to grow their assets. In addition to managing your investment portfolio, we also offer sound financial planning, budget planning, estate planning as well as diverse financial analysis. We do our own research and we build our own model portfolio with bonds and stocks that align with our values and investment philosophy. Looking at factors that we would strive to achieve if we owed our own company. Companies that are well established, consistently profitable, long term and most importantly at a reasonable price. We also have an options strategy focused on income generation with low volatility.

Marc-André Turcot

Marc-André Turcot

Portfolio Manager

Lecturer at the University of Sherbrooke

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Financial Planner (Fin. Pl.)

Corinne Sauvé-Boulé

Corinne Sauvé-Boulé

Associate Portfolio Manager

Bachelor of Finance HEC Montreal

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Raymond James at a Glance

Here is more information about Raymond James, a company active in Canada and around the world.

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  • We take care of you and your family.
  • We do not use mutual funds nor ETFs to better control how your money is invested.*
  • We prepare financial plans to give you peace of mind.
  • We have no hidden fees.
  • We simplify complex financial matters.
  • We do our own research to provide you with pertinent and unbiased advice.

* Subject to minimum asset value

Our Satisfied Clients

"Marc-André does very thorough market research. He uses a very selective and detailed method to choose his financial securities. He does not allow himself to be influenced by current trends. He is a very honest person and he is surrounded by a great team. His financial thinking is focused on the long term. He is someone you can count on."

Jean Roy / David Forest Financial Services

"I have retained the services of Marc-André Turcot as my financial advisor for at least twenty years and I have never regretted my decision. He makes excellent analysis of the financial market and my portfolio and his recommendations if followed are almost always to my advantage. I have often suggested to family members that they do business with him and these people thank me for such references."

John H. Gomery / Retired Judge

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