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An Introduction to Our Income Strategy

Are you looking for income? We may have just the solution for you! Introducing the Demos Income Strategy, our newest investment strategy focused on recurrent income generation.

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More Information About Our Income Strategy

More technical details about how our income strategy works are presented here.

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Comparative Analysis of TESLA

We received several questions about Tesla from our clients recently and we decided to do a fundamental analysis of the stock in order to get a better picture of the current situation.

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The basics of options trading

The following article covers everything you need to really understand what options are. We will go through a list of key definitions and look at the main strategies when trading options on the market.

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What kind of investment returns can we expect on fixed income and stocks as of December 2021?

To be realistic, we should expect over the next few years an annual return of around 1% from fixed income securities and an average annual return of between 4% and 5% from equities with a probable marked drop in their value in the short or medium term.

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What is financial planning?

Financial planning is used to answer the question “Am I well aligned for my short and long term goals?”. It reduces stress while serving as a guide for portfolio management.

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Why Should I Start Saving and Investing As Early As Possible?

In order to finance a comfortable retirement, we need to make more strategic consumption choices throughout our lives and start investing as soon as possible. Fewer and fewer companies are offering pension funds to their employees and we should not rely too much on government programs because with the level of government debt that is only increasing and with the aging of the population which will put even more pressure on public finances, we cannot be certain of the amounts of money that will be available in the future.

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Marc-André Turcot

Marc-André Turcot

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Corinne Sauvé-Boulé

Associate Portfolio Manager

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CFA Level 3 Candidate

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